Bryan Lawson Launches New Marketing & BD Company

Annapolis, MD

Fresh off the heels of two successful stints as head of marketing for rapidly growing law firms, Bryan Lawson has made the leap from an employee to a business owner by launching a service provider marketing and business development company. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on service providers in the ever-changing marketing and business development environment, Lawson has developed a cost-effective system for his clients. Lawson aims to provide firms with a more affordable service than a full-time, in-house marketing team while offering more results and responsive service. Lawson describes the program as “content development in a box.”

With or without in-person events, many service providers still need help with comprehensive content development and distribution programs that inform and add value to clients, contacts and followers, while driving social media engagement and website traffic,” said Lawson. “These services are critical in opening doors for generating relationships and leads. That’s just one of the things  we do.”

Lawson has assembled a skilled, experienced team of web developers, content writers, and graphic artists to execute marketing and business development initiatives for clients. For Lawson, collaboration is key to executing a top-of-the-line service for companies and firms looking to expand their digital footprint leading and nurture more relationships, leads, and business. Lawson and his team plan to work closely with each client to gauge the client’s needs, brand identity, and opportunities for business expansion.

Collaboration is essential, as ultimately all thought leadership and value added content is most effective when it comes from an individual originator, producer, or salesperson and contains their voice and perspective,” added Lawson. “People trust people. It’s the individual who earns a website visitor’s trust, allowing for relationships to develop and business to follow.”

With over two decades of business experience developing and leading specialized and diverse teams in rapidly expanding companies, Lawson has developed unique perspectives and expertise that he’s eager to share with new clients and service professionals to develop new relationships and find new business. Lawson’s marketing strategies and execution include integration of all social media sites and other productivity platforms for targeted distribution of content and ads, development of interesting unique content that tells compelling brand stories, cultivation of new business relationships and strategic partnerships, and optimization of existing lifetime client value, among many other key services.. Lawson understands the opportunity and training costs of onboarding full-time employee marketing teams, especially in the current economic landscape. This is why Lawson and his team seek to take the stress out of the marketing process by guaranteeing professional-level services tailored to each client.

Responsive. Innovative. Experienced. That’s The Bryan Lawson Team’s promise—with results every time. To contact Bryan and his team and review what marketing services could benefit you the most, click here.